We probably have a lot in common. 
We want to enjoy the simple things in life, be good to people and the planet while finding a little luxury in the ordinary. When it comes to skincare, we seek out products that are able to multitask, are natural and effective but also look good (‘cos we are suckers for good packaging). Finding a product that met this criteria and could be used to treat many of our common skin complaints, proved to be a challenge. So we stopped searching and started creating. After much deliberation, we finally settled on the formula that we are proud to present as The Great State Soothing Skin Balm.

It is completely natural and toxin-free. It is a true multi-tasker, useful for skin complaints ranging from chapped lips to cracked heels. It uses ethically sourced, high quality, natural and where possible, local ingredients. And because one of our core values is that people matter, we are committed to contributing profits from every product sold towards improving the lives of others through The Great State Gives program.

It is our hope that this balm is the one you reach for any time your skin needs a little love.
Welcome to The Great State.

People matter.
Make room for the good stuff.
Nature is powerful.
Life is great.

With a firm belief that all people matter, The Great State is committed to empowering women in developing countries to reimagine the future for themselves and their families. We do this through our partnership with the Love Mercy Foundation’s “Cents for Seeds” program. The program works through the provision of a loan of seeds, a hand-held gardening tool, and educational workshops and aims to increase the resilience of entire communities whilst relieving immediate poverty. In time, these women return their initial loan which is then invested with another woman the following year.
This process makes the program sustainable while growing it exponentially. As women are enabled to earn an income, they reinvest their earnings into their family by paying for school fees, medications, food, and supplies. When you purchase skin-saving products through our website, you will be helping us to support the life-changing work of the Cents for Seeds program.

Check out the work of Love Mercy Foundation here.