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The fresh-faced natural skin balm for your wonderful body.



Our formula blends raw beeswax with naturally powerful oils to create a beautifully nourishing balm.

No additives, parabens, fragrances, chemicals or petrochemicals.

Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil • Organic Beeswax • Organic Shea Butter • Australia Jojoba Oil • Australian Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil • Cold Pressed Cherry Seed Oil • Vitamin E


The perfect gift.

Looking for something for someone special? The Great State Soothing Skin Balm is unisex, super useful and comes packaged in a custom box with luxury branded tissue, a gift card and instructions for use. Perfect for the person who has everything.


"I started using it on the top of my ears and into my scalp where I've suffered with an ugly psoriasis condition for years.  (Until now Cortisone has been the only remedy I had - and we all know  how  bad that is and that you are not meant to use it continually). I was amazed at how I was able to keep the symptoms  at bay with your lovely product. AND, the best part is the all natural ingredients. Consequently I've now introduced it to lots of extended family members (who are very anti chemicals and drugs). We all seem to be blessed with the eczema, psoriasis genetics! 
Thanks so much for making such a great product."

Wendy J.

"This is the best cream/balm I've ever used! I have the worst feet from wearing thongs and Birkenstocks every day and I've tried EVERYTHING. I've been using a proper foot sander (battery powered horrible brutal thing) and then using some sort of chemical-filled cream afterwards. Awful. And it wasn't helping a great deal, plus it was time consuming. I used your balm 3 nights in a row after a shower and I honestly have soft feet now!!! I can't believe it! So stoked, thanks heaps!" 

Lauren B.

"WOW! What an incredibly useful product! Every member of our family uses it now. This week my daughter came home so sunburnt that I was sure she would blister. We smothered her in The Great State balm and it immediately took the pain away. The next day, I couldn't believe how much better her skin was. Still a bit pink, but no blisters formed. Thank you!" 

Marley M.

Help hard working hands.

We are proud to support the work of Love Mercy Foundation's Cents for Seeds program which funds agricultural loans to women in Uganda. 

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