As you wind down your long weekend, we bring you some inspiration to crawl out of the sugar and TV bingeing. Speaking to the sisters behind activewear brand Fettle, this postcard comes to you from a great state of wellness, movement and female empowerment. 
Sisters and best friends, Peta and Hayley Rogerson were born and raised on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. As lifetime participants in just about every conceivable water and land based sport, its no surprise both women have represented Australia. The journey they took to reach the pinnacle of their sport provided a “real life” education in health, work/life balance and the importance of creating a positive mental state. With Fettle, Peta and Hayley aim to pass on these values by educating, supporting and promoting the next generation of rising female athletes.
Peta and Hayley Rogerson are changing the game for female athletes. 
When did you establish Fettle and what motivated you to take the step to launch a fashion brand?
We launched Fettle in September 2016.  There were a couple of motivators:
1. We wanted functional, comfortable, affordable and great looking active wear to wear ourselves.
2. We wanted to support women in sport and this will always remain our core value as a business.
How is Fettle different to other activewear brands?
Our own experiences in what it takes to reach the pinnacle in sport, both having played for Australia in the sport of Touch Football, have taught us a tremendous amount. Sacrifice is not just a gimmicky word we use – we have lived it. We know what it’s like to be a female athlete at the top of her game - yet receive very little monetary or promotional rewards for the sports we pursue. We want to help change that. That’s why at Fettle each of our garments are named after a rising female athlete who will receive a portion of the sales to help them achieve their sporting dreams. We will also promote them by sharing their achievements and experiences with you. 
Who is the “Fettle” woman?
The quintessential Fettle woman is those of us who have a love for the outdoors and a passion for sport and exercise. They also understand the importance of health and nutrition and that a busy lifestyle should no longer be used as an excuse to ignore these things. A Fettle Girl is not afraid of getting out there, competing and breaking down boundaries. Most importantly Fettle Girls believe that being a female does not define nor restrict what you can do as an athlete.

How would you describe life lived by the ocean?
Amazing!  Incredible!  Lucky! Fun!  We live in a beautiful part of the World here on the Sunshine Coast. There is something about water that is so very relaxing and soothing.  We regularly meet at the beach for a run and swim together.  It is one of our favourite things to do. 
The Mt. Coolum hike is a great way to experience some of the best views of the Sunshine Coast. 
What are 10 items that encapsulate the essentials for your life?
Activewear - of course
Runners - what else are you going to wear with active wear
Toothbrush - This would be both our number one choice to take to deserted island
Sunscreen - we are both fair and outside a lot
Togs - we love the water
Car - we get around a bit
Eggs - what would we do without eggs in our life???
Mecca Skincare - we both love to look after our skin and love a shop at Mecca
Reuseable water bottle - we take water with us everywhere
Phone - we know, we wish that wasn't an essential but hey lets face it that is a part of life
What are some of the ways you elevate ordinary moments to create everyday luxury?
Oh easy........
1. Plating up dinner, sure you can just slap it on a plate OR to create a little luxury and plate it up with care and bit of fanciness.
2. Instead of just a shower at the end of the day, run a bath with some nice bath salts, candles and music (this happened more often when we were childless)
3. Taking time with your skincare resume.  May not happen everyday but at least once a week it is nice to do the whole hog with a mask.
We love Soak Society products for those times when a long bath is in order. 
Give us 3 swap-outs that we could use to trade yummy but naughty foods, for an equally delicious, but far healthier option.
1. Zucchinni Noodles instead of pasta.  Super easy and yummy.
2. Grilled fish and roasted sweet potato instead of fried fish and chips.
3. Fresh lime in sparkling mineral water instead of soft drink or alcoholic beverage.
Learn more about Fettle.
Online: www.fettle.com.au 
Instagram: @fettle_active_wear